Welcome to CEFO

Bringing to the Netherlands, high quality Brazilian products for
professionals and consumers.


CEFO imports, distributes and promotes products in Europe. It also counts with a team of team of technicians to support sales, deliver training, and provide support to its clients.


With the exclusivity to distribute Prolab Cosmetics’ products in The Netherlands, CEFO currently offers the following products:

BRALIZ Hair Straightener

The world’s first hair straightener spray with a unique straightening formula with active ingredients extracted from the biodiversity of the Brazilian flora. Professional products includes Detox Shampoo and Hair Straightener spray. Home care products include shampoo and conditioner, which prolongs the benefits of the treatment.

BRALIZ Color - 10 Minutes Sprezzo

A new and revolutionary professional hair color with application procedure that takes only 10 minutes, thanks to its bioactive action in reconstruction and color fixation.

BRALIZ Power Shock

For professionals, BRALIZ Power Fluid, is a reconstructor fluid and instant action conditioner that, by combining the BBB's, Biotin, Luna Matrix, Creatine, and Keratin, acts on hair from inside out, providing strength, endurance and repair to the hair. For home care, BRALIZ Power Mask is indicated for damaged and dry hair, and provides an intensive treatment based on BBB's and Biotin, that provides deep hydration and nutrition needed by the thread.

Super Pé

Exclusive line of products for health and care of the feet, composed of 6 products: REMOVE, SCRUB, FRESH, HYDRA, HELP FEET, SPRAY, and CUTICLE REMOVER GEL.


Send us an e-mail if you want to know more about the products we offer, or if you want us to distribute your product.


The Hague, The Netherlands